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Place yourself!

The Tip is a special and epochal mobile application. With our partners we are working hard, that you, as a user could get the most comfortable and complex experience, when you go out to have fun in bars, bistros, pubs and restaurants. Our main aspect is to give the easiest way to contact with the restaurants and the crew, or with people around you.

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Has it happened to you already, that you had sit in a restaurant and after the first order you had to hunt the waiter’s look?

Well, now it’s the time to the end of these problems!

With this app, you can make a sign that you would like to order only with one button!

  • Menu card

    You must not wait for the menu card, because you can see the photos about the offers in the app.

  • Waiter caller

    If you push the „waiter caller” button, you can make a sign, that you would like to order. The waiter get to know immediately, so you can fill your order in minutes.

  • Start the chat

    The app’s biggest innovation is, that makes an end of the tumbler of the online matchmakers. You can see in real time all those that are in the places around you. If you would like to contact to somebody, you can push one button to sign it. If the sympathy is mutual, you can start the chat!

  • Guest-book

    The app gives a chance to you, to record your nice memories! Load up your photos to the „guest-book” and show your memories to others!

  • Book a table

    You can book a table fast and easy without a phone call, only with a few click on your phone.

  • New functions

    With The flare of the user community, we fit the app with new functions constantly, so the usage will be more comfortable and easier to you. Our target is, that you can use more functions in more places.

These are just some functions, what Tip offers to you

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TiP App @ App Store
TiP App @ Google Play

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