General Business Conditions

The General Business Conditions (hereinafter referred to as GBC) contains the rights and obligations of the users (hereinafter referred to as Users) of the electronic services provided by the website referred to as the Website) of Contact and Serving LLC. (Mailing address: 6723, Szeged, Bakay N. u 23. II/6., company registration number: Cg.06-09-023677, tax number: 25990874-2-06, contact details:, +36703813159), hereinafter referred to as the Service Provider. (The Service Provider and the Users are jointly referred to as: Parties.)

This GBC relates to the usage of the services provided by the Service Provider. Registering on the Website and using the Website means that you accept the GBC, therefore please read through it carefully before using the Website.

1. General Information, Conclusion of the Contract between the Parties

1.1.The scope of this GBC extends to all electronic services provided in the territory of Hungary, which are carried out with the help of the Service. The following rules and conditions, which might be modified later on, apply to all direct online, e-mail or telephone services. During the access, browsing, usage and/or making a reservation through the (mobile) website of our Company (through any platform, hereinafter referred to as: Platform), you agree to have read the following rules and conditions (including the privacy statement), and you agree with their content.

The sites, the content of the sites and their infrastructure and the online table reservation option are in the service providing scope, ownership and operation of Contact and Serving LLC. All these services are exclusively provided for your personal, non-commercial use (B2C, that is Business to Consumers), and the following conditions apply to them. Our partnering with Restaurant Service Providers are controlled by separate contracts, which include the commercial (B2B, that is business to business) conditions of these partnering relationships. The Restaurant Service Providers are present in their official capacity and make their products and/or services available at the website in case of business to business (B2B9 and business to consumer (B2C) cases). Please note that besides the rules and small print published at our website, Restaurant Service Providers might determine or set further service or usage-related conditions or rules to their clients related to their table reservation services, or during access to or completion of their table reservation services (part of which might be in some cases disclaimers or limitations of disclaimers).

1.2.This GBC is authoritative even if the service of the Service Provider is accessed through a different website. It is also authoritative regarding all methods of use of the services of the Service Provider (mobile websites, mobile applications, Facebook pages, etc.) through which the table reservation and registration system of the Service Provider is available.

1.3.The Service Provider collects the contact details, services, menus and drinks menus of restaurants. With the help of the Website the users are able to reserve tables, and be informed about the programs of restaurants, their contact details and their offers.

1.4.The services for users are free of charge.

1.5.The contents and offers on the website are subject to frequent modifications because of the character of the services of the Service provider. The Service Provider particularly strives to present up-to-date contents and offers at all times. Since the restaurant information, sales range, price and description of goods come from a third party – the restaurants – therefore the Service Provider does not take responsibility and is not liable to pay indemnities for their content, current relevance, accessibility and quality.

1.6.The agreement between the Service Provider and the User is made with the purposes of information, registration and table reservation.

1.7.The concluded agreement constitutes as a written agreement. The conclusion of agreement and communication is done in Hungarian language.

1.8.Anyone is entitled to use the Services as long as they have validly and successfully registered on the Website, and they consent to be bound by the contents of the GBC. Only natural persons above 18 years of age are allowed to register on the Website.

2. Registration

2.1.Table reservation through the Website is available exclusively for registered users. During registration you are required to provide the following data while filling in the registration form:

  • Full name*

  • e-mail *

  • password*

The Users may also register at the Website with their own existing, active Facebook accounts, with the user name and password used on Facebook (hereinafter referred to as Facebook linking).

In case of Facebook linking the User allows access to the data processor, to the following data provided for Facebook: public profile data, e-mail, friends list. In case the User missed to enter any of the data mentioned above, or if they are provided incorrectly in the registration on Facebook, the User has to enter those missing or incorrect data again or modify them during registration process.

In case the User would like to unlink Facebook account linking, it can be done in Facebook settings modification under the menu Settings.

Users are to enter their own personal data on the Website exclusively. For a successful registration the User has to check the appropriate box to accept the GBC and Privacy Policy. Checking the box the User states that they have read and understood all provisions of the GBC and Privacy Policy, and that they agree in full compliance and express their consent to be bound by them.

2.2.Only the User is responsible for the correctness, current status and reality of the data entered. The Service Provider excludes all liability regarding the incorrectness, typing errors of data, as well as providing unreal data entered on the Website by the Users. The Service Provider does not take responsibility for erroneous table reservations, problems, errors which can be traced back to data entered incorrectly and/or mistakenly by the Users. The User is to keep their passwords provided during registration confident and manage carefully. The Service Provider does not take any responsibility for damages deriving from the User forgetting their password or if the password is accessed by unauthorised persons for reasons which the Service Provider cannot be held responsible for.

2.3. The Service Provider reserves the right to accept the registration of the User, or to reject it without justification.

3. Table reservation

3.1.The Service Provider only accepts table reservations from Users registered through the website, if the User fully completes the registration form with all required data. The Service Provider takes no responsibility for problems, errors deriving from the User’s erroneous end/or incorrect completion of the reservation data fields on the Website.

3.2.Reservation is done electronically exclusively. The User selects a restaurant from the list, then clicks on “Reservation”, selects the exact time and for how many persons they are wishing to reserve a table for. With clicking on “Reservation” the Service Provider automatically forwards the information to the restaurant. The reservation then appears on the main computer of the restaurant, and the restaurant sends a feedback of accepting the reservation, of which the User receives an automatic reply both on the online platform and via the mobile application.

3.3.By finalizing the reservation, the User states that they accept the GBC and express their consent to be bound by it.

4. Complaint handling

4.1.In case a complaint, claim, data entry error occurs during the usage of the Services by the Users, please contact the customer service of the Service Provider at the following contact details:

Mailing address

6724 Szeged, Bakay N. u 23. II/6.


Telephone number

+36 70 381 3159

Complaint management of the Service Provider in all cases is free of charge.

4.2.Should a problem requiring immediate solution arise, the Service Provider examines the problem without delay, and if possible, rectifies it, in all other cases they reply within 15 days to the submitted complaint.

4.3.In case an objection is raised regarding the reservation, the User can turn to the restaurant, and they are to pursue such claims only with the restaurant itself. The Service Provider declares not to be liable concerning problems arising from its intermediation services regarding reservation.

5. Handling of personal data

The detailed rules of handling and processing of personal data of the Users are included in detail in the privacy policy of the Service Provider.

6. Final provisions

6.1.The security level of the Website operated by the Service Provider is appropriate; however, we recommend that you should follow these precautions: use virus and spyware protection software with updated databases, and install the security updates of your operating system. Using the Website presumes that the User is aware of the technical and technological limitations of Internet and accepts margins of error which can arise in connection with this technology.

6.2.The Service Provider is not responsible for any damage arising from connecting to the Website. The obligation of protecting the data on the User’s computer and protection of the User’s computer is the responsibility of the User.

6.3.It is expressly prohibited to forward, publish or share unauthorized contents on the Website.

6.4.The agreement may be terminated without justification both by the User and by the Service Provider, by an email sent to the Customer Service or the User.

6.5.The Service Provider does not submit to any provision of any code of conduct.

6.6.The Service Provider is entitled to unilaterally modify the conditions of this GBC. Any modifications become effective as soon as they are published on the Website.

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